Installing PHP Storm Darcula LAF (Theme) for Netbeans IDE 8.1

Netbeans IDE is one of the very powerful open source IDEs which can be used for development with different computer languages like Java, PHP, Python, C++ etc. I use Netbeans IDE for PHP and Python development.

Although Netbeans IDE is very powerful but doesn’t provide, by default, some dark LAF and themes like Textmate’s Monokai and PHPStorm’s Dracula. If you want Dracula like LAF and theme for you Netbeans IDE then don’t worry and keep reading this post. It’s been here for you. You need not to leave Netbeans IDE and purchase License for PHP Storm IDE just because of the Dracula LAF and Theme.

I like that one and installed for my Netbeans IDE and sharing with you guys. Hope you’ll like that. Just follow the following simple steps:

Download Dracula LAF for Netbeans IDE

Here I’m providing you guys the link to download the Dracula theme for your Netbeans IDE. Just download it and

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