Git Cola – a Very Useful GUI Tool for GIT on Ubuntu Linux

If you are a developer and part of develpment team then you most probably using the for your version controlling. You’ll have to type commands in your terminal every time to add files in staging index, pull, push and for other task as well. It works good but what if you also want to see the difference which you made in a file or tow to more. Well for this you’ll have to type a huge amount of commands. It seems not a good practice as we developer are sued of the term “Reusing” and avoid “Repeating”. So why not  we care of this term in the case of working with commands.

In this post I’ll introduce you a very light and a good GUI tool for GIT which you can use on Ubuntu 15.10 or earlier releases of Ubuntu. Just follow the following simple steps:

Installing GitCola

Open your terminal and type the following command to install GitCola:


sudo apt-get install git-cola

Working with Git Cola

Open GilCola and you’ll see the window like following

Select the Project for which you are already using Git.

Now you’ll see the following window:


At the bottom you have the options to pull, push, stash and many more.

On right panel you can see your modified files.

Just by clicking a file you can see the changings you made in the file.

Adding Files to Stage, watching Changings…

Right Click a file in the right panel and select the operation you want to perform on a file like

  • Stage Selected: to add the file in the stage index
  • Launch Editor: to open the file in the editor
  • Launch Diff Tool: to open a diff tool window
  • Revert Unstaged Edits: to remove the changing you made in a file

Committing Code

When you have added your files to staging index. It’s time to commit your changings. At the top there is a text box like area, you can write your description for commit there and click on the commit button.

Visualising Branches

You can easily visualise your branches that when and where branch is getting merged, what commit was from team member X and what was from team member Y. Click Branch -> Visualize Current Branch / Visualize All Branch and you can see the result something like following:


  • Top left box shows the tree view of the branch, the commits and the merges very clearly. You can see the shaw Id for a commit just below this box.
  • Bottom left pane shows the information for selected commit.
  • Bottom right pane shows the file included in a commit. You can click a file and see the changings in the bottom left pane.

Cool, looks very nice as it providing amazing tools. You can explore it further more to get maximum from GitCola. I think for introductory post it’s sufficient.

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