Virtual Host – The Explanation

The term ‘Virtual Host’ refers to setting up more than one Websites (domain names) on a single Web Server such as and All of these different Websites will share the same Web Server resources such as memory, processing cycles, storage and etc. But every Website owner will consider to have it’s own separate Web Server. and the user (surfer of your site) will not be aware of it that whether the website or a web page is being served from the same web server or anywhere else!

If you are working on a web project and want to set up a ‘virtual host’ for your site then read my blog on ‘Setting up Apache Virtual Host – Ubuntu 15.04’ and if you want to know why you should use a ‘virtual host’ then keep reading this post.

Why to Use Virtual Host:

When you are working on a web project you have to see the results and the efforts you are doing in a web browser. Normally you have to type the address in browser like this:


This works without having any problem but you know it’s too long and looks ugly as compared to the following:

It really is awesome. Isn’t it? I think it is. If you want to access your project in this way and don’t know how to do this then read my blog ‘Setting up Apatche Virtual Host – Ubuntu 15.04’.

I hope you’ve find this post very useful and interesting. You may ask any question and comments if any problem. Thanks for and bye. 

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